About Provender Vending

At Provender we offer a superior vending service, complete
with customisable vending choices. Choose from a variety of machines
featuring drinks, snacks, meals, hot drinks and coffee, as well as healthy
choice vending. Our vending machines can be customised to suit your
workplace, pub/club, hospital, gym, school, or university - virtually any site!

We serve our customers nationwide through our network
of dedicated, local franchise owners, who remotely monitor
all of our machines to maintain stock levels so you can stay
revived with Provender throughout your day. In addition,
all of our vending machines have several payment
options and are user friendly.

Our vending machine offer includes:

  • Cold Drinks and Snacks (combination)
  • Cold Drinks (cans and bottles)
  • Snacks
  • Fresh Food & Meals
  • Hot Drinks and Coffee
  • Healthy Choices


There are no rental obligations with any of our vending machines
and you will receive free delivery, installation and ongoing local service.

We are the only vending business within Australia that can provide you with the number one performing brands within every category ensuring your vending machine is always well stocked with all your favourite brands.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to tailor-make the best vending solution for your site.