Meet Our Senior Support Team

Provender head office employs a long serving and experienced management group dedicated to providing support to our nation-wide group of franchisees including Training, Business Coaching, Logistics, Operations, Business Development, Marketing, Technology, Accounts, Human Resources and Legal.

Alister Sides
General Manager

Alister leads the team at the Franchise Management Office. With over 25 Years’ experience in the vending industry, Alister has been involved in all areas of vending from Full Service Vending to equipment design, manufacturing and sales. With this background he brings a strong technical and operational focus to his role. He also has a degree in accountancy and business administration.

Simon Whitaker
National Sales & Relationship Manager

Simon has worked in the vending market for over 15 years, the last 9 of which have been at Provender. During this time Simon has built up a wealth of contacts and has extensive industry knowledge which allows him to be at the forefront of new machines, technologies and key account opportunities.

Shelley Montgomery
National Business Development Manager

Shelley is responsible for business development, relationship management and the marketing activities that contribute to the growth of our expanding machine network. Shelley has a varied background, originally in Fashion Retail, she has worked for big companies like Microsoft, run her own vending business and now enjoys finding the best vending solutions for Provender’s customers and franchise owners.

Kellie Werder
Franchise Recruitment & Relationship Manager

Kellie carried her human resource experience over to the national franchise recruitment position over 10 years ago. Currently Kellie enjoys the dual role of business sales and recruitment alongside existing franchisee field support. Kellie’s regular coaching for existing franchisees includes business reviews, KPI and goal setting, ongoing training and facilitation of key support staff.

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