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Clever ways to pay.

Provender are market leaders in cashless payments. Machines are able to be fitted with Card Readers which are Tap and Go enabled. We also have options such as restricted product vending and apps which can be downloaded as a customer payment platform, such as Monyx.

Apple Pay will soon be implemented in vending machines across the country. Customers can purchase products with just a touch of their Smartphone; card details are never shared via Apple Pay, making it a private, safer way to pay.

Provender also offer a clever pre-paid solution – this function allows Company card holders to access products from the vending machines with a swipe card or company card. Purchases are then billed to the company at the end of each month.

Traditional payment methods with notes, coins and credit cards are also still available, making Provender vending machines the ultimate in convenient purchasing.

Clever ways to pay

Provender are market leaders in cashless payments, including payment Apps from Smart Phones. Learn more

Choose from leading vending product brands

Provender cater to a range of palates and carry healthy, low-calorie snacks as well as more indulgent treats. Learn more

We specialise in healthy vending options

Provender has developed and introduced a range of healthy snacks under our ‘Lifestyle Balance®’ brand. Learn more

24/7 monitoring technology

We don’t clock out. Ever. With Provender you have the security of 24hr local remote monitoring and support. Learn more