A vending solution tailored to your workplace

There’s nothing better than a fridge fully-stocked with your favourites. That’s why you have complete control over the products in your Provender machine.

Have your heart set on a specific product? We’ll source it and stock it for you.

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Vending Machines

These state-of-the-art machines conform to strict energy-saving standards. Remote monitoring ensures your stock will be automatically replenished when it gets low.


Like an in-house convenience store, micro markets allow for a far wider range of products. Staff can choose from a range of fresh meals, snacks and beverages. Then simply pay at the self-serve checkout.

We’ll work with you

To identify the best-fit vending machine or Micro Market solution for your organisation and find the ideal location at your workplace.


Get your vending solution in 4 steps

Clever ways to pay

Provender is a market leader in cashless payments, including payment Apps from Smart Phones. Secure, safe, and simple.

From bespoke to major vending product brands

You will never be locked into a one-solution-fits-all. We cater to a vast range of lifestyle choices, cuisines, and dietary requirements.

We specialise in healthy vending options

Provender was the first vending operator in Australia to introduce a healthy vending and fresh food vending range and we continue to refine and optimise the range.

24/7 monitoring technology

We don’t clock out. Ever. With Provender you have the security of 24hr local remote monitoring and support.


Your satisfaction is guaranted

Vending convenience to satisfy your staff, clients, and visitors.

Unrivalled variety

From fresh meals, to healthy snacks, coffee and drinks, to PPE, travel essentials , lollies and sustainable tech accessories.

Bespoke service

Peace of mind with just one point of contact to take care of all your vending needs, including stock, supply and technical support.


Tailored solutions

Customised vending options to meet the dietary needs of your employees and patrons as well as your physical space requirements.

Smart reporting

Machines are monitored remotely 24/7 and products restocked regularly. Any issues with your machine are addressed in real time.

There are two winners when dealing with Provender:

You and all the people who
use your space.​

  • FREE delivery and installation
  • FREE servicing and restocking
  • Your choice of healthy, hand-selected products
  • 24-hour support and remote monitoring

Offering your staff choice and convenience, right there, on site, at no cost to you!

Provender is the easiest decision you will make today!


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