End Of Trip

Enhance the satisfaction of employees, tenants and patrons using your end-of-trip facilities with our brand-new vending experience.

Our modern End of Trip Vending Machines are designed to complement your business’s wellbeing initiatives with supreme convenience. They are ideal for office buildings, accommodation providers, shopping centres, hospitals and even university campuses offering showers, lockers and changing rooms or bike storage end-of-trip amenities.

Stocked with a selection of handy everyday accessories and last-minute toiletries, Provender End of Trip Vending Machines cater for everyone, from cyclists and joggers to gym goers and sports enthusiasts on the go.

Support healthy lifestyle habits with the thoughtful addition of a Provender End of Trip Vending Machine for added convenience.

  • Boost your corporate image
  • Deliver better service for facility users
  • Easy, 24/7 self-serve convenience
  • Quick cashless payment options available
  • Fully automated, no attendants required
  • Customisable selection of products

Tailored for end-of-trip needs

Provender offers custom vending solutions with a choice of branded everyday accessories and toiletries to choose from.

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