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Be your own boss…

  • Flexible working hours
  • Full training and support provided
  • Easily operated from a home base
  • Affordable investment levels
  • Income – whether you are there or not
  • Fresh start and change of direction

You’ve had that light bulb moment, have you not? You want to be your own boss but lack the capital to get going. You’re hungry to grow your own business with the flexibility of hours to build a business that builds a nest egg for you and your family over time? 

By joining Provender, you become part of the only Australian vending machine franchise which provides you the security of a tried and true successful business model for over 25 years returning you 30-50% in your investment dollars. We also have the option to help you grow your business via our finance packages. We have all sorts of franchisees from school teachers getting a second income, through to full timers with dedicated staff. With the backing of our Franchise Management Office, you receive support and dedicated help in identifying profitable new sites for your vending machines. Not only do you have unrivalled support, you have the added benefit of truly innovative and technologically advanced machines that make your job easier and simpler making this one of the best choices you can make for your future. Contact us if you are searching franchise for sale.

Your Training and Support

Run a successful business, without the hassle! Our franchising program gives you ongoing support:

  • On-call maintenance technicians.
  • Rental machines from our own large fleet (if you need them).
  • Your own dedicated Franchise Development Manager.
  • Spare parts and maintenance facility.
  • An active micro marketing and sales team. We’ll be looking for new sites for you, every day!
  • Initial Training & Induction Program, held over 2-5 days at the Sydney Franchise Management Office.

With Provender, you’ll understand all aspects of the business; from sales and marketing to technical troubleshooting.

Welcome to the family!

Next Steps

  • 1

    Submit your enquiry HERE, then complete and return a Confidentiality Agreement.

  • 2

    You will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss our available franchise options.

  • 3

    Our Franchise Overview and Investment Guide will be sent to you along with any existing sales and profitability figures.

  • 4

    Return a non-binding Franchise Application form enclosed to your Franchise Development Manager.

  • 5

    We will send you our Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement for review and you will meet with a Franchise Management delegate or an existing Franchise Owner. We will set up any site visits for you to attend to kick off your practical introduction to the world of vending!

  • 6

    Once your application is approved, we will book a training and induction program at the Franchise Management Office where you may be joined by other new Franchise Owners from around the country.

  • 7

    After training your franchise journey starts and you will be continually supported in all areas of your business by our team of vending experts.

Want to understand what investment you need to make and your investment return? Make an enquiry NOW to see how Provender can help you make the change you have been searching for. Get out of the rat race and into a business you can be proud to own and build a franchise that will be worth a lot more in years to come!

Introducing Provender Grab N Go Micro Markets

Flexible vending solutions for workplaces of the future

provender grabngo

A Self Service Cafe At Your Workplace

Open 24/7, Provender Grab N Go Micro markets offer greater vending flexibility and provide your staff with an unrestricted menu of fresh and healthy food and drinks, or the everyday snacks if that is your preference.


Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, amount advised in offer or approval letter, usually $5,000. The cost is used to cover the Franchisor’s administration costs and legal costs relating to the recruitment and induction of new franchisees, including the preparation, negotiation and execution of a franchise agreement.
What level of gross profit margin should I expect to achieve?
Typical GP margins in our business range from 25-50%. For an existing run, consult the Franchise Owner.
May I see actual accounts that confirm, or fail to confirm, your projections? Can they be relied upon? Or are they merely illustrations?
Yes, amount advised in offer or approval letter, usually $5,000. The cost is used to cover the Franchisor’s administration costs and legal costs relating to the recruitment and induction of new franchisees, including the preparation, negotiation and execution of a franchise agreement.
What financing arrangements are available and what terms for repayments will there be? What rate of interest will be required and will the bank or finance company want security?
This depends on your financial situation. Every person is different and we work with you to ensure you don’t over extend yourself.
Does the franchise group receive any supplier rebates?
Yes. From time to time a supplier may provide purchasing rebates and incentives.
What advertising and promotional support do you provide?
Business Development Staff, Site Finders, Telesales Campaigns, Market Research Company Listings, Tender Submissions, Mail Drops, Local Area Marketing Strategy Plans, Website Optimisation. Business Broker advertising at time of sale.
What point-of-sale and promotional literature do you supply, and what do I have to pay for it?
Machine brochures and marketing folders, included in start up marketing packs and available along with business cards and uniforms. Ongoing local area marketing is at the expense of the franchisee.
Can I meet some of your other field support staff?
Yes, you can request to meet any of the Franchise Management team, just ask.
How long have they each been with Provender?
Years of service range between 1 and 12 years. 3 of our key members have been with Provender over 8 years.
Please explain the procedure that you will adopt to get me ready to open for business?
Will be advised in detail by your Franchise Development Manager.
What will be the operating hours of the business?
Will vary franchise to franchise, some sites are 24 hours, some during business hours. Provender Head Office operates during business hours.
Will I own the equipment necessary to operate the business?
It depends if you buy the equipment outright, loan or lease the equipment.
What systems do you have for keeping Franchise Owners in touch with you and each other?
Through email and phone. Also through their Microsoft® Office 365 Sharepoint Platform which has a Discussions forum. Microsoft® Office 365 is included in your entry costs.
Do you publish a newsletter?
Yes, we publish an e-newsletter which comes out monthly.
How will I cope with my accounting and record keeping?
Assistance is available if required.
What restrictions will there be on what products I can sell?
All product is subject to Franchisor approval and we work to find the best products for our Franchisees. The good news is we will approve new products you find as long as it will vend, meets customers brief and sells!
Do you provide instructional and operational manuals?
Yes, Provender provides operational manuals, technical manuals and much more.
What will you do if, by a clear mistake, you misjudge the business and it does not produce the anticipated figures, resulting in a loss?
Provide business direction and appropriate assistance.
What would happen if I ran into operational problems that I was unable to solve? What help would I get?
Provender Franchise Management staff are equipped to handle these challenges.
How can I be sure you will do what you promise?
Our Disclosure Document lists the names and numbers of current and past Franchise Owners. Talk to other people who have been in your position before.
What are you prepared to guarantee in writing?
That you will have the opportunity to create a successful business, by employing our systems and processes, and then implementing them in the marketplace.