Get your FREE vending machine today!

Want to keep your employees and customers fed, hydrated and looked after without any overhead expense? Provender’s state-of-the-art vending machines make it easy and fuss-free. As long as your business has enough people to use the machine we will take care of the delivery, installation and on-going service and maintenance absolutely free!

Free vending machine enquiry


We’ll get in touch to better understand your requirements and arrange an appropriate time to inspect your premises.

Delivery & Installation

We’ll recommend the best placement and vending options for your business needs, and arrange prompt delivery and installation.

Quality on-going Service

We’ll take care of all maintenance, remotely monitoring stock levels, refilling, fixing fault issues and reporting on usage.


Can we choose what products go in the machine?
You can select a combination of products that will appeal to your employees and customers from our product catalogues. We can also work with you to source and supply specific products if they’re not already available in our catalogue.
Where can I put my vending machine?
Vending machines take up less space than you might think. Placing yours in high traffic areas will maximise its usage and create a productive and satisfying environment for all.
How much electricity do vending machines use?
Vending machines require electricity to light up the machine display and keep cold drinks and food refrigerated. All our vending models have inbuilt energy-saving technology to ensure power usage is minimal.
How long will it take to deliver my machine?
Once we have finalised your requirements, machine size, model, and product selection we will deliver your machine within 2 to 10 business days.