“More revenue for my gym at literally zero cost to me?

It’s a no-brainer”

As a gym owner in a post-COVID world, you know cash flow is king. You want something in your club that generates revenue. Provides a positive experience for your 500+ members. And costs you absolutely nothing.

You want Provender Sport.


Pre-workouts, protein shakes, amino acids… you have complete flexibility when it comes to the products in your vending machine.

Choose from a boutique range of products, hand selected to help your members achieve their training goals.

We’ll help you identify which products are best for your gym, based on type of training, fitness levels and where you’re located. So you know you’ll be stocking winning products.

And with monthly sales reporting, you’ll always know which products are your best-sellers. So you can tailor them to the tastes of your members. And maximise your profit in the process.

Customise your Provender Sport machine with:

Convenient snacks and drinks like protein RTDs, sports supplements, drinks and low-calorie snack bars
Fresh food options like ready-made meals, sandwiches and long-life products
Non-food accessories like towels, tissues, earbuds, phone chargers and deodorant.

start selling your favourite brands

Increase your cash flow AND get time back to focus on revenue-driving activities

A Provender Sports machine is a completely hands-off revenue stream for your gym. You’ll never have to worry about stock management or supplier relationships.

Your new machine will be delivered within 2-10 business days. Then we keep it stocked, maintained and serviced. We’ll even remove your old vending machine – free of charge

You earn a monthly commission on every product sold from your Provender Sport. And avoid time-consuming upkeep. So you can bring in more revenue while focusing on activities that add to your bottom line.

Did we mention it’s free?


The easiest way to offer your members on-brand convenience. Without lifting a finger…

Contactless payments make it
easy…and COVID-safe

Health and safety is at the front of everyone’s minds these days. That’s why your Provender Sport machine comes inbuilt with state-of-the-art, contactless payments systems, like “tap ‘n go” credit and debit cards, smart wallets and social payments.

You can even integrate payments to your gym membership smart card.

A full-service solution in 3, 2, 1…

We’ll get your machine set up and running in three easy steps

Complimentary consultation

We’ll visit your gym to get a clear understanding of your space, your brand and your members

Delivery and installation

We’ll recommend the best position and products for your machine, then get it delivered and installed within 2-10 business days


You work on your business. We’ll take care of maintenance, remotely monitoring stock levels, restocking, and reporting

Get your Provender Sport today!

With zero cost, your choice of products and no extra work for you.

When you get a Provender Sport you get:

A completely hands-off revenue stream
Free delivery and installation
Your choice of healthy, hand-selected products
Monthly commission on every product sold
Monthly sales reports
Ongoing, stock management, maintenance and servicing
Safe, contactless payments
Personalised service
COVID-safe protocols
24 hour remote monitoring
24 hour Support Desk

Grand Total: $0

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