Healthy Vending

Modern organisations with a culture of wellness seeking healthy, high-quality food options for their staff, students and visitors to thrive, have come to the right place.

Our cutting-edge Healthy Smart Fridge vending enables workplaces to offer staff healthy meals based on Health NSW’s Healthy Eating Framework guidelines. We keep them packed with fresh, deliciously nutritious ready meals with SQF compliance, the highest food safety certification in Australia, so eating healthier is easy and affordable.

Better productivity, job satisfaction, staff retention, positive reviews, and healthier lifestyle changes are just some of the benefits of making Provender’s self-service Healthy Smart Fridges part of your corporate wellbeing program. You can order us to install healthy vending machine.

Leveraging our proprietary food monitoring technology and national distribution network, we can quickly and efficiently service large enterprises with over 200 people in the government, public and private sectors, even hospitals, universities, schools and TAFEs.

Promote healthy eating in your workplace with a free Provender Healthy Smart Fridge vending solution.

  • Cost-effective alternative to having a full service kitchen
  • Feed hungry staff 24/7, including shift workers
  • Cater to special dietary requirements like vegan and gluten-free
  • Customise and rotate menu options regularly for variety
  • Remote monitoring ensures food is perfectly chilled and fresh
  • Positively impact staff satisfaction and productivity.

How our healthy smart fridge vending works:


Tap or swipe your debit or credit card to unlock the Healthy Smart Fridge.


Pick and choose from the variety of healthy food and drink options available.


Close the fridge and you’re automatically charged for the items taken.

24/7 monitoring technology

We don’t clock out. Ever. With Provender you have the security of 24hr local remote monitoring and support.

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Health star rated meals

We are paving the way in enabling large organisations to provide their staff high-quality, healthy meal options with Health Star Rating of 3.5 or higher.

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Get a FREE Healthy Smart Fridge for your organisation today!

Make eating healthier easier at your workplace. We can get you started with a personalised solution, complimentary delivery, installation and ongoing service.

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