Micro Markets

Flexible vending solution
for workplaces of the future

As companies bring employees back on-site with safety precautions and flexibility, health and wellness remain top priorities. Now more than ever, you don’t want staff skipping meals or reaching for snacks instead, to avoid the hassle of rushing out to buy food during their break.

That’s where a Provender micro market in the workplace is proving to be a game-changer. Imagine a trendy food store in the staff common area that’s open 24/7, and offers an enticing variety of freshly prepared healthy meals, snacks, drinks and more. Simply pick what you want, pay at the self-checkout kiosk, and enjoy.

The best part – we’ll install a micro market, custom-fit for your space, free of cost.

Something for Everyone

Whatever your industry or business model, our micro markets will make it easier to promote healthier eating in your building, office or campus and positively impact productivity and satisfaction.

Convenient for you

The investment-free, cost-free employee benefit to boost culture and morale.

Completely Customisable

Right from the layout and placement of your micro market to the product selection, we personalise the right fit and mix of food and drinks to satisfy and delight your employees.

$0 Set Up Costs

We take care of it all – delivery, installation, restocking, ongoing maintenance and security camera system for your micro market space, at no extra cost to you.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our micro markets include energy-efficient fridges and kiosks equipped for contactless payments, and advanced remote monitoring technology to accurately track purchases and stock levels.

Australia-wise Footprint

Leveraging our national supplier and distribution network, we can source an extensive range of fresh and healthy vending products to cater for all dietary needs.

micro market mockup

Convenient for your people

Provender’s micro market offers a delicious variety of nutritious food, round the clock.


Top up energy levels anytime with easy access to fresh, healthy eating options on the go.


Encourage taking a break from the desk to grab a bite to eat and reset their focus.


Create an inviting environment where people can safely socialise and de-stress over a meal.

The next best thing to an in-house cafeteria

Micro markets offer even greater flexibility than in-house cafeterias. They’re open 24/7 and can provide an unrestricted menu of fresh and healthy food and drinks, so even shift workers don’t miss a meal.

Employees and staff can enjoy a personal market experience where they can take their time checking the ingredients and nutritional information before buying, all within the comfort of the office environment.

Want a free micro market installed at your
workplace? All you need is:

  • A dedicated space for your micro market that employees can access easily
  • Electricity power points for the fridges, self-checkout kiosk and cameras
  • Internet connection for the kiosk

Discover how our micro markets can support your
company’s wellness goals.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Vending convenience to satisfy your staff, clients, and visitors.

Variety at your fingertips

From fresh cooked meals, healthy snacks and drinks, to PPE and end of trip accessories.

Personalised service

Peace of mind with just one point of contact to take care of all your vending needs.

Tailored solutions

Customised vending options to meet the dietary needs of employees or space requirements

Smart reporting

Machines are monitored remotely 24/7 and products restocked regularly

Provender Vending is a 100% proudly Australian owned company, and we support local snack and drinks manufacturers whenever possible. Our premium, sleek and elegant state-of-the-art range of vending machines can be customised to suit any environment. 

A sneak peek at some of our Healthy Range Products

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Our Range of Vending Solutions

Everyday Vending

Tasty treats to keep everyone happy.
Enjoy all the classics and snack and drink
favourites from well-known brands

Gym vending

From protein bars to high energy
drinks and healthy snacks cater to the
sport nutrition needs of fitness enthusiasts.

Wellbeing vending

Cater to the health-conscious and
encourage healthy eating with nutritious
snack and drinks for guilt-free consumption

End of trip vending

Enhance your facilities with easy access to
everyday accessories and essential
toiletries to support active lifestyle habits

PPE Vending

A quick and simple way to provide
high-quality PPE necessary for your
employees to work safely and more

Healthy vending

Smart fridges stocked with a healthy and delicious variety of 4+ Star Health Rated
freshly prepared meals and drinks

Accommodation Vending

Stocked with mini bar favourites, travel
accessories and more, delight guests with
the luxury of choice and self-serve convenience


Our significant research and understanding of the various state nutritional guidelines means we can tailor a vending solution
that is right for you and for your staff.

provender grabngo

Micro Markets

Workplace game-changers are the new Provender Grab N Go Micro market. Imagine a self service cafe in your staff common area that’s open 24/7.

Coffee Vending

Coffee Vending

TechNGo vending

Tech N Go

TechNGo vending


Clever ways to pay

Provender is a market leader in cashless payments, including payment Apps from Smart Phones.

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Choose from leading vending product brands

Provender caters to a range of palates and carries healthy, low-calorie snacks as well as more indulgent treats.

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We specialise in healthy vending options

Provender has developed and introduced a range of healthy snacks under our ‘Lifestyle Balance®’ brand.

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24/7 monitoring technology

We don’t clock out. Ever. With Provender you have the security of 24hr local remote monitoring and support.

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