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Wellbeing Vending

Healthy & Easy

Plenty of us love a spot of comfort eating, but it’s often not sustainable – especially when we know it might not be the best thing for our bodies or our health. Snacking on the go can often negatively affect our wellness goals, but what if we told you that things didn’t have to be this way?

Our busy modern schedules often dictate that we never stop, around the clock. However, now there’s a way to keep on top of everything our lives demand, and still pay attention to our health needs as well. The Provender Wellbeing Vending solution allows your staff or visitors to your building to purchase snacks and drinks that are far healthier than your typical offerings, allowing for guilt-free consumption.

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Please see below a few examples of our products.
Emma and Toms Nut Bar Orange and Cacao
Harvest Box Satay Crunch
Harvest Box Apple Tart
Koala Popcorn
Be Natural Butter Nut Bar
Cool Ridge Sparkling Water
Mt Franklin Water
Nippys Iced Coffee
SUPA Mango
SUPA Green
Up and Go Ice Choc

These days we’re often hyper-aware and conscious of the things that we eat and drink, and efforts to become healthier are never a bad thing. While our attention is often somewhat diverted while we’re out and about, these aims, of course, don’t stop when we’re not at home.

Our vending machines are ideal for the likes of workplaces, gyms, conference centres and hospitals – or anywhere where plenty of people are likely to be interested in the products.

Time is so precious, and people waste less of it when there are convenient options for food and drink in locations that are easily accessible to them. Our machines offer the ideal solutions; and there are no costs to you to install, stock or service them.

You’re in control, and so you can choose exactly which products will go in there, from popcorn to fruit juices, nuts and more. This means you can keep everyone happy by always stocking the most popular choices. Our smart technology even helps us to know when you’re running low on something, meaning that you can have refills whenever you need them.

There’s no need to deny ourselves treats anymore – we’ve got plenty that aren’t damaging to your health.

Snacking on the go has never been so easy. At Provender, we have a multitude of different machines to suit your requirements, so if the Wellbeing Vending option isn’t quite right for you, check out our Everyday Vending machine or our Gym Vending machine instead.

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Whether you would like a vending machine for your office, guest house or university campus, Provender makes it easy. We offer complimentary delivery, installation & ongoing service.

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